Should I add a Picture on my CV

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In recent years, recruitment firms and companies have reported an increase in CV’s that include a picture of the candidate.

Although some have welcomed the tendency, you will discover those who want to keep items traditional and prefer a CV to concentrate simply on the skills and features. For this reason, it has become an extremely debated topic between recruiters, employers and CV experts alike.

What with LinkedIn and Facebook, it’s not a difficult task to find out what a potential prospect looks like but what benefit will a person’s search give to a great employer? Isnt an employer likely to be more concerned about a candidate’s skills, qualities and experience?

In the end, it does seem down to the recruiter and the work role itself. A data driven function that deals with analytics, numbers and statistics may not expect to see a picture on a CV. However , revenue roles may possibly welcome the idea of seeing a picture of a potential candidate as it expresses their very own individual display, a trait that has more influence over these types of positions.

Either way, how you look should never really influence your job leads so which include an image might not seem necessary, but it will almost certainly produce your CV stand out from the others which is definitely what you want that to do. But is definitely this move welcome by recruiters or could it be seen since an obvious approach to seek focus and have the program reserve as a consequence?

Does a picture add value to a CV and help it to stick out?

I think the short answer to that is yes, especially in the UK seeing that images over a CV are a quite unusual thing, so anyone who adds one is likely to stand out.

It’s actually very common across mainland Europe, but in the UK much less so , instead the focus here generally being on  abilities  and experience, and where you as a candidate can add  worth  to the business in question.

However , I believe an important concern is the impression said image, and of course the rest of the information detailed in the CV, will probably give.

Subjectivity is individual nature, and you don’t always know who is going to be the recipient of your resume, so my own advice would be to remove virtually any image and really focus on what you’ve attained and why your encounter is relevant to the job you’re applying for.

If indeed you are the right match then your rest should care for itself !


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