Tips on how to source top talent

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Sourcing  and hiring the top talent is a continuously challenging task that ought to focus on job vacancies being filled  as well finding the best candidates to satisfy the long term business goals of your company. Though there's no formula to find the best candidate for job opening, developing a recruitment strategy that is constant might help in, ensuring you reach the right candidates which possess the abilities and requirements. 

There's a lot more to a candidate than just their CV and cover letter. Even if they have the skills and experience for the job role, it's more of a question of whether they have the right attitude and personality to fit in with the working culture of the business you're recruiting for. This may not be evident until you research the candidate beyond the CV and documentation.

An effective way of finding out more about a potential candidates’ personality is their social media activity.It doesn’t take long to search their name on Facebook and LinkedIn to get an overall opinion of  and their qualities. Of course, people can make their Facebook page private unless you’re a fiend but LinkedIn can still be an effective way of learning of a candidate's experience, qualities and overall personality.

Beyond social networking, phoning a candidate is still among the best methods to get to know a person. Constantly ask the right questions that are related to both the job function and the character of the candidate. Ask about future goals and what motivates them at the workplace to be successful.

As significant as it's to get the appropriate skills and expertise, having a positive attitude and friendly behavior can be very successful.

If a candidate was selected for a job interview then you ought to do everything you may to prep them for the big day. You should get an idea about what type of questions will be asked in the interview and if they should bring anything with them. 

Additionally, it is significant to inform them about the smaller details like the entry of the building if it is not obvious upon arrival and anything else which could be beneficial to their success. Prep them with as many details as you can find to help them at the interview procedure.

You've done your part, it is now time to allow the candidate to get your advice and your knowledge of the job function and expect it gives them what they want to be successful in the meeting. Always be in contact with the candidate by telephone and e-mail to discuss how an interview went afterwards. 

If  gets the job then make sure you congratulate them and you may even check in after two weeks to see how they are settling in. If they are not successful, you must contact the employer and receive feedback why they weren't selected for the function. In case the employer is direct and does not offer the right constructive critique then find yourself out from their opinions to make certain the candidate is given appropriate feedback and nothing unwanted.

You should find something positive from the situation like you may want to maintain their details on file for any future job opportunities that  can be appropriate for the candidate. By being optimistic it might helps keep them focused and prepared for the next opportunity that you may have for them. 


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